Leon Katz

Midnight Plays

“The Midnight Plays are one swelling poem of life, death and re-birth. Leon Katz’s writing is, at once, profound, poetic and majestically musical.”
--Donald Freed, author of Secret Honor

Dracula: Sabbat:

“The play simmers with nakedness and erotic energy. A work of absolute authenticity--with beauty, dignity, gravity and sensuality, rare to the point of near extinction in any part of our contemporaray theater... It is beautiful in its shivery delight and awed fear of tension and release.”
--Jack Kroll, Newsweek


“Katz has taken one of the most horrific tales of human degradation in Western literature and fashioned it into an extraordinary, beautiful theatrical experience.”
--Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Dybbuk:

“Brio, exaltation, pure and sinister passion exudes from this LaMama production of The Dybbuk, a production which satisfyingly plunges us way over our heads into the story by using a full range of modern devices and insights.”
--Village Voice, NY

Swellfoot’s Tears:

Based on Euripides’ tragedy about Oedipus, The Phoenician Women, Swellfoot’s Tears is the play closest to the XX century. It is, in effect, Oedipus in Auschwitz in which Swellfoot holds to his unrelenting belief, staying alive simply to survive while futily holding out for the hoped for redemption.

Selected Works

Play Collection
Midnight Plays consists of four plays: Marquis de Sade’s Justine, Swellfoot’s Tears, Dracula: Sabbat, and The Dybbuk.
Children's Plays
A collection of 11 puppet plays based on the Roman poet Ovid’s Metamorphoses.